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Commission Information

en it comes to how we do business, assurance is the best policy. We want to assure that you have a very good quality costume at good prices!




Partial Commissions



Partials are on a case by case price quote basis. The price varies on what parts you want, and how many colors go into the costume. Normally a partial consists of a head, hand paws, sleeves, tail, and foot paws. If you want to leave something out (such as the feet, or the sleeves) that can be done and it will cut some cost out of the equation.

We will require some concept art of your character (side profile and front).

Important information: We do not offer torso's for people who do not live in our area. Sorry for the inconvenience. We do however have some experience in doing reptile base costumes and are open to taking in dragon/dinosaur/snake/lizard based commissions. We now are willing to offer legs for partials. However they are not joined, and have to be pulled on (like a sleeve).

Right now:

Slot 1: Taken

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Footpaws: Will now only be offered with a commission of a partial, or a commission with at least two other items. Inquire for more details.

Hand paws can be done two ways. With 4 fingers or 5 fingers. 4 fingers are cheaper to do as they take less time. They can be done with sleeves or without sleeves. The start price is $40 for 4 fingers, $50 for five, without sleeves with one solid color, and will go up depending upon complexity. Paw pads can be done with foamies, felt, or leather. Paws with sleeves start around $75.

Slot one: Taken

Slot two:  Closed.


Heads tend to fall around a $350 baseline range. That can go up or down depending upon the complexity of the piece. We now offer toony and semi-realism, static jaws and one's with movable jaws. We have two main ways of doing noses, clay noses, and suede/felt/fleece ones. We can make felt tongues, or order rubber tongues.The teeth are always hand sculpted out of clay. Eyes are done to fit the style of the head.

 We now offer resin based and flexifoam based masks that come in Canine and Dragon. We are also willing to take in, sculpt, fur and finish blanks by other makers as long as the blanks are well made and workable.

Slot 1: Taken

Slot 2: Taken

**rates may change due to complexity and availability of certain colors of faux fur and other materials.


 Tails can range from as short as a foot, all the way up to over 5 feet.  We cannot offer up a base cost for tails because every tail is different. So just email us for a quote with the species, color, and desired length.  We can do or are willing to attempt almost any kind of tail, but we do excel at feline, canine, and vulpine models. We are getting in more practice with tails of a reptilian persuasion. We can do some tails with a built in wire but it's a case on case basis. Some tails benefit from a wire, such as thinner canine tails, non bulky vulpine tails, and thinner feline tails. Tails that are very thick, heavy, or big don't really benefit from having a wire because of the weight involved and or shape.

Pros VS Cons of Wire VS Nonwire

When you get a tail with a wire, it will be something that you can pose(and it will cost more). This can be very fun for things like thinner vulpine tails, and cat tails. The wires will never go all the way to the base of the tail. That is so that you can comfortably sit with the tail when wearing it.  However there is a minor consequence to having a wire tail. The tail will not swing/wag.

When you get a tail without wire that is a thinner variety, such as a vulpine tail, a thin to medium feline tail, or some sort of a non curly canine tail you get a tail that will swing side to side very similar to what yarn tails do. This is because we do something different with the internal workings of the tail so that it has more flexibility and doesn't just hang like a butt-pillow. The down side to having this kind of a tail is that if you do get one that is rather long and you are out and about you may need to pick it up and hold it when going up and down stairs or being out in bad weather. Usually to avoid this we ask for a measurement of your waist to the floor so you don't end up with a tail that is dragging.

We can add a squeaker in a tail for an extra $5 per squeaker in a tail (I doubt that you'd want a whole lot of squeakers in a tail :V).

If the tail is very long and has complex markings, the price may increase.


  Tails and Ears Combo

 To order a pair of ears without a tail is $20. To get a pair of ears with at tail it is usually an extra 10 to 15 USD.

 These are always open.

Scaly Tails

We can and will make reptile/dragon tails. We prefer to use Fleece but we are also open to making them in suede.

Also if you seek to have this in time for a con you need to give us at least 3 months advance notice.


Now, once a piece is bought that piece is yours to take care of. With reasonable care there should not be any problems with anything bought or commissioned from us. If something goes wrong with the costume that is not the fault of the buyer, we will repair it free of charge. (After you explain what had gone wrong along with Images)

Anyone who commissions from us, is assumed to be 18 or older, if something happens otherwise it is no fault of our own. We accept no liability on that note if someone under 18 buys something from us and does something foolish with it.

All items bought are non-refundable.